There’s certainly no shortage of office furniture items to choose from these days. However, if you’re to create the perfect contemporary workspace, it’s important to be savvy in your selection of these products. This brief guide talks you through some must-have pieces for the modern office.

Stylish yet practical seating

Of course, the seating you choose must conform to all the relevant health and safety rules and be comfortable for your staff members to sit on. For example, it should support users’ lower backs, have suitable upholstery, be sufficiently padded to prevent uncomfortable pressure and enable workers to place their feet squarely on the floor or on a footrest. However, there’s no need to sacrifice style in order to meet these practical requirements. Furniture specialists such as Calibre Office Furniture Limited offer an array of chairs that both look great and function well.

Whether you’re after leather seats that exude classical style or you’d prefer edgier, more contemporary chairs boasting striking colours and shapes, you won’t struggle to find the ideal items.

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Desks with a difference

Another mainstay of the office environment is desks. However, the desks of today are a far cry from the dull versions that characterised the workplaces of yesteryear. To showcase your firm’s forward-thinking approach to business, it’s well worth checking out the less conventional desks now on offer. For example, glass versions can give rooms an instant aesthetic lift. These sleek creations come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours and they can help to bounce light around your office, giving it a more spacious, open feel.

As well as glass, there are a host of other materials to consider and to make a real style statement, it’s worth taking a look at the more unusually shaped versions. Rounded-edged, flowing designs are bang on trend at the moment.

Innovative breakout furniture

Thanks to developments in technology, it’s now possible for many workers to function away from their desks. Using laptops, smartphones and tablets, people can perform their tasks from virtually anywhere. This has led companies to adopt a less rigid approach to office design. By allowing personnel to move around and work from different zones within the office, firms can encourage greater collaboration between colleagues and promote more creative thinking.

One of the easiest ways to achieve a dynamic working environment is to create special breakout zones where people can hold impromptu, informal meetings and discussions. You can populate these areas with your choice of breakout furniture and options include colourful tub chairs and interlinking seats.

These are just some of intriguing items of office furniture now available. If you’re short of inspiration when it comes to completing your workspace, simply browse the web. You should find all the ideas you need online.

By Marcela