The business and sports worlds are more similar than you might think. Here are some business lessons that can be learned from the world of sports.


While professional athletes usually have managers to help keep them on track, they must also possess a high level of personal motivation. This is especially true when a certain level of success is achieved; it is easy to start lacking the motivation that new found success can bring.

Desire to succeed

Sports stars show an incredible desire to succeed. Believing in your dream and pursuing it relentlessly can have profound results. This means setting higher goals each season or business year. This sets a standard of excellence that is worth striving for.

Business lessons

Recognise potential and nurture It

Talented individuals are not always found living up to their potential. Managers both in sports and the business world need to keep a sharp eye out for employees that have great potential. The next step is to encourage them to develop the talents that you need for your company to succeed. This means being patient, providing educational opportunities, and offering constructive criticism. Always acknowledge when an employee excels. Sports managers have long known that encouragement can take a talented individual to the top.

Dealing with tragedy requires tact and compassion

The business and sports worlds can both be risky places. In sports, injuries are often physical, such as the Formula One crash in Japan that injured young driver Jules Bianchi. Max Mosley, the former president of the FIA, the governing body of Formula One, commented after the crash. He managed to express grief and concern without attacking or criticising any of the affected parties (see Mosley’s comments were taken very seriously because he was instrumental in improving the safety procedures for the Formula One racing circuit.

Gaining confidence

While some may be blessed with a lot of natural confidence, others may need to utilise some strategies in order to gain it. Business and sports require being under the scrutiny of your peers and others. Every positive outcome you have will help you to gain confidence. Networking and interacting with others can help to make you more at ease when speaking to an audience. Some areas may have public speaking clubs where you can hone your skills.

Being a team is more than just “getting along”

Working together means dealing with conflict in a reasonable manner. An atmosphere needs to exist where problems and disagreements are addressed as quickly as possible. When problems are ignored, they can lead to decreased performance and dissatisfaction among players or employees. Great teams go to the top of the business and sports worlds. Of course, you need to be careful who you pick for your team. Putting together a group of people that work well together can take some time. The more a team works together, the better they will be at their job or sport of choice. Mutual hard work and dedication are powerful forces towards the success of a sports team or business.

By Marcela