When it comes to understanding how to become an investment pro, it’s essential to research what successful investors have done and learn how they do things. It’s equally essential to read widely about investment in general to learn the jargon and the ins and outs of making a success.

Successful investors, such as those luminaries of the investment world George Soros and Warren Buffet, never stop learning. They have a voracious appetite for reading and expanding their knowledge, always prepared to be open minded and conscious that things can change quickly in the business.

Those wanting to follow their example should attend seminars as well as read books, magazines and journals on the subject, and on matters such as personal development.

The knowledge world

Today the internet is awash with information on investing, so it’s a good place to start to develop the basics for becoming an investment pro. The trouble is, where to start? There are many good sites to help, but what’s needed is a really accessible source to get all the latest news and information in the financial and investment sectors.

One such expert source is TheStreet, which is packed full of up-to-date information, extremely useful tips for investing, as well as articles looking at the economy in general. One such contributor sharing his wealth of investment knowledge and experience is Todd Bliman, who has worked for many years at the registered investment advisor firm Fisher Investments.

Good investment characteristics

Would-be investors who think investing is a game at which they can always win probably shouldn’t get into the business. Successful investors not only weigh up the risk but also have an exit strategy in case it is needed. That doesn’t mean that they won’t take risks but they know that markets are unpredictable. They will prepare for the best but are also perceptive enough to prepare for the worst rather than be sucked into a scenario where it’s too late to escape.

As the old saying goes, patience is a virtue and for top investors it’s an important part of how they operate. They plan and are prepared to wait and make certain that their plan works. If it takes time, well, it takes time. As Warren Buffet once stated: “I never attempt to make money on the stock market. I buy on assumption they could close the market the next day and not re-open it for five years.”

Wealthy investors will take risks but they will also ensure they have a robust risk management strategy in place. They know there is 50/50 chance of winning or losing and they are also quick to learn from their mistakes. Nothing is guaranteed in the world of investment so it’s very important to keep a close focus on the strategic direction.

Investment pros need to be passionate about the investment game, work with a good team rather than alone, and have a strong financial background so they have a deep understanding of how the financial world works and how to play it.

By Marcela