Promotional products are a key element to any marketing strategy for businesses. It could be the grand opening to a new ownership, a new product, or a friendly gift for customers kind enough to attend whatever function being held. The main point that needs to be embedded in the minds of every person is the fact that your business will always have what they want available at the highest level of quality. How do you show this to customers through promotional products? There are a variety of ways.

What is the purpose of giving away promotional products? Is´t as a thank you for loyal customers or are you trying to drive customers your way? Depending on your business and the reason for the giveaway will depend on the type of promotional product offered, but the quality of the product needs to send customers away feeling like they something of high quality for free. If you are giving away free quality products, just imagine what you would be selling at your store for low prices.

Promotional Products

It is a common business practice to give people some cheap toy with their business logo in hopes that people might stop by. The fact is that it very rarely works, and it shows that the business doesn’t value customers because they won’t spend the money to force them to the location of business. Common promotional products that fall into this category are things like pencils, balloons, and baskets. If you want to show customers that you mean business, give them a piece of what your business is about. If you are advertising services related to computers, give them a demo CD that displays everything that there is to know about your business, as well as tips that can help with their own computer experience. If you provide customers with something of quality, they will come back for more.

The design is the most important part of the promotional product because it is what displays what your business means. The design doesn’t have to be overdone as long as it shows a logo and looks pleasing to the eyes. Promotional T-shirts and hats can really let your design talents come to life. If you aren’t good at designing, outsourcing it is fairly cheap and easy. For big businesses, outsourcing it to several designers should be an easy task. Just make sure to have a clear image of what you want the design to look like and try not to overwhelm the customer.

Promotional products are all about showing the customer that you care. Providing the customer a product that can be useful for the long-term will prove that your business provides a variety of quality products that the customer can enjoy even more.

By Marcela