As the summer progresses it may give you some ideas of changes that you want to make to your kitchen. While the weather is sunny and warm, you may feel that you would like to have more connection to the outside, brighter things in your kitchen or maybe a completely new kitchen makeover.

Connecting to the outside could make the kitchen brighter and could make it easier to cook outside if you want a barbecue. Having doors that open into the garden can make a big difference as well as having a skylight or larger windows put into the kitchen. It may be that building a deck or patio just outside the kitchen will mean that you can prepare food inside and eat outside. Some ideas may be rather expensive, but it could be that you could make some smaller changes which could help you to feel more summery in your kitchen.

It could be that you choose to put some brighter decorations in your kitchen to make it look more summery. You could make small changes like a bright table cloth and chair cushions or some summery flowers on the table. Plants could also brighten the place up. A brightly patterned rug might help as well. Sometimes just a big clean can help to make things feel better and perhaps some brighter lighting, new tea towels and rearranging items on the worktops could make quite a difference. Even if you only have a small budget, just a few simple and cheap changes can make it feel so much better.

If you have the money to spend then more of a kitchen makeover could be what is required. Changing the colour of the paint could be enough and some people might want to change the cupboard doors to update or brighten them. Or course new worktops might be what is required and somewhere like will have a selection to choose from. Of course you might decide to replace the whole thing, cupboards, appliances and included and redecorate. This will cost significantly more money though. If you do have a big budget though you might decide to extend the kitchen and make it larger, put in doors leading out to the garden, do up some of the garden as well so that you have a space which moves seamlessly from indoors to outdoors.

It is worth bearing in mind with everything that you plan on doing that the weather will change again Make sure that what you do can either be changed back for the winter months or will work then as well. You may otherwise find that big glass doors feel rather cold in the winter and that the summery touches that you have added in just do not work. So think hard about what you are doing and make sure that even if it works well for summer; that it will also work for the rest of the year as well. Most things should work for both but be mindful just in case.

By Marcela