If you are on the final steps of launching your online business, you might want to take a look at this article. Online businesses rely heavily on the speed of their hosting servers. It is believed that about 15 percent of clients, costumers or visitors who arrive at your website may leave if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load. This means if your hosting server is not up to speed, you risk potential customers – a lot of them. With this said, how do you find the best web hosting available? More importantly, with so many cheap hosting options out there, how do you effectively pinpoint the most reliable for your site? Following some of these tips will help you weed out the good from the bad hosting companies.


Tip Number 1: Find out what requirements your site needs

If you did not already know, hosting companies are nothing more and nothing less than computers that allow you to run your software, in other words, your website, on the net. Computers can have different purposes and suit different people. Hence if you only plan on running a light, mostly text, WordPress blog on a single site; just about any half decent web host will do the job. However, if your blog is rich in media files, HD pictures, flash animations, and so on; chances are you will need more personalized hosting to suit your huge storage need. Before you decide which host to choose, make sure to find out what requirements your site will need to be able to offer a good user experience for your costumers.

Tip Number 2: Compare Customer’s Experience

Personal reviews are perhaps the best indicator of whether or not a host is right for you and your hosting needs. Many hosting companies promise more in their hosting plans than what they can actually deliver without making your web page slow. If the hosting company is doing just that, you will promptly find out through customer reviews. Take your time to look for reviews that best relate to your hosting needs (if you plan on opening a store, look for reviews that talk about ecommerce experiences with the host).

Tip Number 3: Pick the Right Plan

Although some hosts are indeed slow, many times customers pick an ineffective hosting plan for their needs. If you have an effective way of driving traffic to your site and you are certain you will receive large amounts of traffic when you launch, it might be worth your money to pay extra for a plan that covers more than what you predict will be necessary. Hosting space can be expensive but if your business is a serious deal to you, it pays to go the extra mile to acquire a reliable and fast web hosting plan.

Tip Number 4: Follow the Examples

Many of your favorite sites you like to browse through the day leave their hosting needs in the hands of regular hosting companies. Only big enterprises ever create their own hosting servers. Having this is mind; it might be worth your time finding out which hosting companies are providing service for your favorite sites. A simple question to the owners, a little lookup of the domain’s servers or a call, can save you a lot of money otherwise wasted on a slow hosting provider.

By Marcela