Are you new to the world of plastic manufacturing? It’s a very broad place, with plenty of different ways to take such a common material and turn it into something truly amazing. However, there are some planning principles that you need to consider. The first is to consider some common applications for injection moulding. This article will cover the applications involved and give you some ideas you can use in the future.


1. Point of Purchase

Retail and wholesale alike have applications for injection moulding. After all, plastic can be used to build many different displays that can be recycled year after year. Classic advertising campaigns are built around this concept, with companies learning to build portable displays that they can just move around year after year. When you think about it, it makes absolute sense. For example, the holiday shopping season is something retailers can bank on every year, because people rarely get tired of shopping for their loved ones. They want to buy unique and highly desirable gifts, so they focus on stores that can get their attention. With the right injection moulding design, a company can have a set type built for them to their specifications. If the design needs to be altered, this is possible as well with a good injection moulding company.

2. Prototyping

Do you have an idea that will change the business world? Sure, you could rush to market and try to get customers, but that isn’t always the best approach. It’s better to make sure that you get a prototype built. A prototype will be far cheaper than pouring funds into creating the finished and market ready version. This is also a great application for injection moulding methods. If you’re trying to raise outside funds to further development, having a decent prototype available at the negotiation table definitely makes a difference. After all, it’s far easier to convince people to support your ideas when they can reach out and touch what you’re showing them. A mere PowerPoint slide deck just can’t do the same thing! It’s also been shown that when people can see more of your idea up close, their questions improve in terms of quality. They move from asking if it’s possible, to wondering what other applications for the product you have in mind. Many successful projects were funded only after the prototype stage.

3. Electronic Manufacturing

Finishing electronic products takes a lot of work, because there are often multiple housings that need to be in place before you can secure the product for retail. Different electronics will require different housing. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have different size formats at the ready as your product line changes? Again, this would fit our parameters for a common application. Building any type of finished product is something that takes time, and it would be a bad thing to try to rush through that process.

Overall, there are plenty of other applications for plastic manufacturing. Make sure that you review your project for the finer details, and then set up a direct appointment to speak with a manufacturer. You won’t regret the decision!

By Marcela