Many people say that Windows 7 is Microsoft’s best operating system after Windows XP. They are reluctant to upgrade their computer to Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, because they dislike the interface. Although Windows 10 is promised to fix the problem, but computer users can be notoriously stubborn. In fact, some are remain convinced that they can still be productive with the much older XP, despite its many obvious problems.

Upgrading to Windows 10

Windows 10

You can upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 free of charge, the only issue is if you don’t like it then rolling back is a little difficult. There is also a small risk of data loss. If you are looking to upgrade then you may want to try it yourself but should you be upgrading a lot of computers you might want to get a technician to assist. If you are looking for computer upgrades in Bristol then laptop specialists CyberCall can help, should there be a problem they can easily roll back by taking a copy of your hard drive. Should you have any issues with previous corruption or lost data they also offer data recovery in Bristol as well as the surrounding areas.

At the moment, Windows 7 is already getting its own cultist following. In the technology world, we always find backwards-thinking consumers, but they will eventually change once a worthy platform shows up. For this people, change seems threatening, but it doesn’t mean that we should join the ill-informed horde. If given the chance, Windows 10 should be able to win over any dedicated Windows 7 devotee and the reason is much more than the return of the classic Start Menu.

Enhanced multitasking

Using Windows 8 with a desktop PC can be an annoying experience, because the operating system seems to be too optimized for touch-based operations. For traditional computer users, Windows 7 feel more intuitive and quicker. Windows 10, though, refocuses on desktop usability and Task View is a nice blend of old functionality and new features. It can be accessed by clicking the Taskbar button or by pressing Windows key + Tab. Task View offers complete previews of currently opened apps and it should be usable as software viewers. For any modern OS, Task View is a powerful management feature and people eventually can’t live without it. It doesn’t stop here. Task View integrates well with Aero Snap and Snap could also work with multiple monitors. For any traditional desktop enthusiasts, this capability should be enough to make them salivate. For them, multitasking is a core experience and Windows 10 is actually better at multitasking compared to Windows 7 and probably even Max OS X.

Windows 10 is genuinely better

DirectX 12

Windows 10 definitely has better visuals and interface than Windows 7, but stubborn users won’t care. They tend to find solace in something familiar, even if the newer ones are proven to be better. This attitude is widely applied to the computer market and it can be potentially damaging to productivity. Windows 10 actually offers an argument against this old-fashioned assumption. Because Windows 10 is free, a significant part of the barrier to entry has been removed. There’s a security implication of using an older OS for too long and Microsoft will eventually stop offering security updates for Windows 7 users and this will happen after 2020. Although Microsoft will offer new updates for the time being, all the best features will be available only for Windows 10 users, such as multi-factor authentication, Trust apps and Windows Hello. Among other things, Windows 10 also offers voice-activated search, Xbox game streaming, OneDrive support and DirectX 12. There are features that Windows 7 will never have and can’t replicate even with third-party software. People who stick with an old OS will be comfortable in a familiar environment, but they will miss out all new extras that improve convenience, reliability and performance. Consumers should try to be on the leading edge and they should experience what’s new and great in the computer market. People can stick with old platforms, but they shouldn’t complain that PC has become dull.

The Installation process is safe

Any upgrade process can be inherently risky and we may not know what will still work. People are afraid that their work computer will fail to boot if they install Windows 10. These concerns are perfectly understandable, but it doesn’t mean that we should stick to an antiquated OS. In fact, people who stubbornly use the original Windows 95 will find that their computer is nearly unusable for current, modern tasks. With every new Windows version, Microsoft has made the installation experience better. Windows 10 actually looks like a nearly bullet-proof platform. If the installation process fails, people could safely roll back to their previous Windows installation. There’s a possibility that things will go terribly wrong, but that’s very unlikely, unless there’s something wrong with our hardware. Also, Windows 7 users could get free Windows 10 upgrade only for a year.

By Marcela