With more and more products being made by individuals and by small businesses run from home, there has been a huge difference in how the UK is seeing ways to buy products. What was once a standard of quality as a mass-produced product has now changed. The internet has made buying products from small businesses easier, and you can now find pretty much everything you could ever want online. It is no longer necessary to purchase generic, low-quality products from large companies.

In the past, it was easier to buy mass-market, and often the only products you could find were created by factories or by big corporations. However, times have changed. You can now find some truly unique creations and anything that you need. It might not always have been possible to purchase an item that no one else had or that would support a small business, but now you can end up finding exactly what you want, spend less, and help someone with an innovative idea. More and more, the value of a product is the quality of it being handmade rather than machine-made.

This not only changes certain products but also changes how you view food. With more and more individuals and small farms deciding to produce their own foods and choosing to export them to local markets, you can be sure that the food you are getting is free of hormones and preservatives. The same idea of choosing products that are made by hand has been a huge influence in the produce you can now buy at your local market and some grocery stores. With times changing and the availability of what you can find now improved, it’s possible to live a healthier lifestyle because of it. Not only can you limit this to food, but there are also now plenty of different kinds of craft breweries where you can find a large selection of homemade wine, beer and ale.


Traditional skillsets are now taking the place of mass-market, machine-produced items. Many are finding that the traditional way of creating a product creates a higher-quality item than something that could be made by a machine. This is especially true with glass blowing, and Dartington takes that into account when making their hand-blown products, which are available for sale. When you are looking for high-quality champagne glasses, it is desirable to know that they are being made with the same care and skills that have been used for decades. These champagne glasses, crafted using traditional methods, are the sort of items you can be proud to have in your home, and you will want to use them again and again.

Uniqueness is hard to come by, but with the markets changing, you can see how now more than ever it’s easier to find a gift or product that will be loved for years to come, and that you know has been made with loving care and traditional values.

By Marcela