The rocky road of self employment is very up-and-down, fraught with difficulties that often come in the form of rejection letters and brief notes that say “no, thank you” from once-potential customers and employers. Sometimes, personal finances are difficult to juggle, and the cost of expenses like health care have to be absorbed alone. For many, even these deterrents don’t work to keep them from their chosen self-employed path. But for some, self employment just doesn’t pan out. Self-assessing is a good way to learn if self employment is right for you.

Not everyone is cut out for working from home, or total self employment. Being self employed means going it alone – completely. No one is there to dole out assignments, provide work, or sign a weekly paycheck. While this can be a terrifying experience, it can also be a highly rewarding one…but generally, this only happens when self employment works out for the better. Self-assessing and self evaluation are good ways to discover if self employment is right before taking the plunge.

Successful self employment takes a bit of a “thick skin” emotionally. Work at home jobs are highly competitive, and many freelance professionals are quick to jump at any money-making opportunity out there. Being great at being self employed means constantly facing the fear of rejection – and overcoming it, too. Even those who are great at what they do receive rejection letters from potential employers and customers – it’s really the nature of the business of being self employed. Only those who can handle rejection (sometimes, it seems, constant rejection), creatively juggle finances to get the bills paid even when the money isn’t coming in, and stay organized have a great shot at successful self employment. Staying motivated is one of the hardest parts of being self employed – especially when digital cable offers such a mind-boggling number of distracting television channels. Self employed professionals have to know how to stay on schedule, manage time, and get the job done even when inspiration seems pretty thin.

Is self employment right for you? Self assess and learn how to handle rejection, stay on track, and meet set goals. Self employment and working at home is a difficult path, but many have found lasting success through perseverance and a certain emotional toughness that goes along with the territory. Finding out how to handle the tough task of self employment is a great way to find out if it’s the right personal choice. Sometimes, self employment just isn’t the right path to pursue. For those that can handle everything that goes along with the job, however, self employment can truly be a dream come true.

By Marcela