Going into business is becoming a very attractive option for many people, and after finishing further education many students are choosing to become entrepreneurs instead of looking for a conventional job. There are many perks of becoming self-employed, including the fact that people can set their own hours and rates, turn a passion into a business, and take full charge of their own life. When individuals take the reins of their own career, there’s a lot of fulfilment to be found. However, for any businessperson, there are a number of essential characteristics that are needed, and even for those who don’t have it initially, resilience must be built if people are to deal with unexpected hurdles.


All careers are likely to have setbacks at one time or another, whether it’s an individual trying to build their firm, or someone who’s trying to climb up the corporate ladder. Lack of job leads, problems in people’s personal lives and de-motivation can all play their part. For start-up firms and organisations, growing a business is about attracting attention. However, it’s not always the positive limelight that entrepreneurs find, and though it’s important to recognise and address any wrongdoings, it’s vital to grow a thick skin and be resilient so that as time marches on, a company can bounce back.

One of the fundamental things people need to understand is that becoming an entrepreneur is not sexy. There’s a certain allure about setting up a company that suggests a life of glitz and glamour. However, behind the press, the reality is that starting a company is a tough, lonely and extremely challenging task. Despite all manner of estimates, customers are harder to finds, investment is more difficult to get hold of and the number of hours being put in is a constant drain. Being resilient to this business stress is essential if a business is to ever become successful; the hard work is vital, certainly at the beginning. No matter what life throws at a business, being able to take the knock and get back up is a key characteristic to have.


In addition to the resilience built to deal with daily business life, there are also times when things get even tougher. Negative press is something that most businesses will attract at one point or another. The only way to deal with it is to address the problem and move on. Take Francesco Corallo, for example. The entrepreneur behind B Plus Giocolegale Ltd was pulled into a court battle due to some loan agreements approved by the company. Now acquitted, the businessman has already shown great resilience in putting the events behind him and moving on with life.

Setting up a company and forging ahead in business is an exciting venture for many people, despite the enormous amount of hard work involved. At times building a company can be a complete joy. However, it’s important to bear in mind that resilience is a much required characteristic if entrepreneurs are going to survive the long haul ahead.

By Marcela